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Pet Boarding Rates:

Please note that prices are for EACH CALENDAR DAY the pet is here (Not overnight, not by a 24-hour period).
We offer a 10% boarding discount to all Military Veterans, Students and Senior Citizens. (Limited to boarding charges. Not applicable to fun times or other services.)

Dog Boarding:

  • 1 dog $28.39 per calendar day
  • 2 dogs $48.38 per calendar day
  • 3 dogs $66.39 per calendar day
  • Social Suite $12.00 extra per day per dog
    *This option includes a 4th walk per dog and per day, right before bedtime!
  • Cat Boarding:

  • 1 cat (3x5ft) $21.39 per calendar day
  • 1 cat (4x8ft) $24.39 per calendar day
  • 2 cats $35.38 per calendar day
  • 3 cats $48.39 per calendar day
  • *(We can also accomodate some exotics, pocket pets and birds for the same price as cats.)

    Pet Combinations:

  • 1 cat and 1 dog together $42.38 per calendar day
  • Fun-time Activities:

  • Off Lead Time:
  • We have escape-proofed an acre out back. This is a nice quiet country atmosphere. No leashes during this time. This activity is supervised at all times and it gives dogs a chance to run and romp, jump and play, get-the-energy-out, or just to sniff and explore. This is our most requested fun-time activity.
    - $10.45 = at least 15 minutes

  • Office Time:
  • This is a social or one on one activity in a safe and double door environment. Lots of staff members to play with and get extra attention from. We get to know the pets better, and the pets get to know us more quickly.
    - $10.45 = at least 20 minutes

  • Snack-N-Snuggle:
  • This fun time option is for canine companions that would love to be cuddled and get one-on-one attention in the comfort of their kennel or room. A member of our staff takes an easy to digest snack bone into your dog's facility, then pets and plays with them after they have enjoyed their treat.
    - $10.45 = at least 15 minutes

  • Nature Walks:
  • For a ½ hour we take your dog around twenty acres on a 50 ft. lead. We often see pheasants, ducks, rabbits, geese, buffalo and sheep. This is a seasonal fun-time activity due to condition of fields and certain grass seeds.
    - $19.99 = at least ½ hour

  • Puzzle Zone
  • For dogs or cats looking for a little more mental stimulation, try a puzzle to practice! We'll help your furry friend sniff out yummy treats hidden in whichever puzzle you think they would like best.
    - $10.45 = at least 15 minutes

  • Busy Kongs
  • Want your furry friend to get an EXTRA special treat? Sign them up for a Busy Kong! Stuffed with tons of yummy goodies these special treats are sure to please!
    - $5.45 = per time filled

  • Kitty Kuddles
  • Does your cat enjoy being held, brushed, or have playtime with toys? We can do this for you. They can also have more time to cruise the hallways to stretch and investigate things. There are double doors to provide a safe environment.
    - $9.45 = at least 10 minutes

  • Critter Cruise
  • This fun time option is new to you, and available to both dogs and cats. A member of our staff takes your pet out in a durable, secure, yet comfortable and weatherproof pet buggy with surrounding views of the countryside. This is a great option to get your kitty some fresh air, or let your older pet experience a comfortable adventure in style.
    - $12.45 = at least 20 minutes
    *Certain weight restrictions do apply as funtimes are at our discretion for the pets safety and comfort.

  • Feline Frolics
  • Does your feline friend enjoy the great outdoors? Well maybe this new activity is just for them. Each kitty is fitted into a secure yet comfortable mesh cat harness, and then taken outside to a grassy courtyard to peruse the area at their leisure. Cats are kept on a 6-foot lead to ensure a controlled environment.
    - $10.45 = at least 15 minutes


  • Small Dog (Under 20 lbs): $16.95
  • Medium Dog (21-50 lbs): $23.95
  • Large Dog (50-100 lbs): $26.95
  • Giant Dog (over 100lbs): $30.95
  • 20 Min Brushing: $11.95
  • Fresh Up: $6.95
  • Nail Clipping: $16.95


  • Oral: $2.00
  • Bandage Care: $2.00
  • Injections: $5.00
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